Tuesday, 19 April 2022

Exmoor Photography Course Blog April 2022

Exmoor Photography Course Blog April 2022:

We have enjoyed a busy start to the season and already completed several workshops including visits to Ham Wall Nature reserve for the bird photography special. April and May are always one of my favourite times to visit. This year has disappointed lots of interesting things to see and photograph, including nest building Marsh Harriers, Great crested Grebes mating, Great White Egrets, Willow Warblers, Cettis, Ruff, Garganey, Sand Martins and Bittern flight shots to name just a few. This particular workshop has and emphasis on BIF (birds in flight) photography. I am delighted to say that everyone has picked this up really quickly, one client seeing and photographing Marsh Harrier and Bittern for the very first time which was a lovely moment to share.

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 Customer Reviews:



Saturday, 6 November 2021

Exmoor National Park looking stunning this autumn

What a great end to the first week back to normal after the rut during October. Always great to receive customer reviews, they mean a lot. Alison and I spent almost 2 days working with Robert, first day was technical, second day field based. As with all bespoke 1:1 courses, when requested I always prepare an additional file including any camera specific settings the customer wants me to cover. These are in addition to the normal course specific field guides.
We also received flowers from Robert which was a lovely surprise to come home to.
Thank you Alison and Jamie for your help as always, it’s a team effort.
The Exmoor Photography Team
Name: Robert Nutter Course Date: 02/11/2021
Landscape Exclusive 1:1
Thank you so much Alison, Jack and Jamie, for all of your efforts over the last couple of days. It has been very much appreciated.
You go far beyond the call of duty to make your customers feel welcome and explain everything so very clearly, that even a 'technophobe' like me can understand. The work that you put into researching my Canon R6, a camera new to you before my course was unbelievable, and then to have a backup plan when the weather made photography almost impossible with constant heavy rain, despite what had been forecast.
This was not my first Exmoor Photography course and certainly won’t be my last. Five stars does not do justice to the service that you offer.

Best wishes
Robert Nutter

Images taken by my glamourous assistant Alison on her iPhone. 😉👩

Sunday, 24 October 2021

Red Deer Rut 2021 Exmoor Photography Ltd

Exmoor Photography Red Deer Rut Specials October 2021 Week 3:

Red Deer Rut Specials October 2021 Week 3:
We had what I can only describe as an epic end to our ‘official’ rut today. Stags and hinds everywhere, it was an awesome spectacle to see at one location, Exmoor at its very best!
I was so chuffed to share this with our final customers this season, Graham and Harvey. I’m pretty sure Harvey filled 2+ cards. I even took a few sneaky shots myself at the very end.
Thank you to everyone this season for following our field craft advice during the workshops, it really does help us to ensure you have the best possible experience. Once again every single stag left where we found it. And I’m pretty sure that everyone went away with images and memories to cherish.
Special thanks to Jamie and Alison as always, it’s a team effort and their help makes my job so much easier.
Just one of the lovely messages we received, from a lady that used to run Wolf safaris in Montana USA.
Red Deer Stalk and so much more
Wonderful day on Exmoor with Exmoor Photography. So much more than just a Red Deer Stalk. I learnt a lot more about my camera. Jack is highly knowledgeable on the subject of cameras and made sure the camera was set up right before a stalk and checked the photos after. His 'sidekick' Jaimie led the stalks and his knowledge of the red deer and their behaviour was extremely interesting. Mustn’t forget Alison, Jack's wife, who provided us with excellent refreshments. Worth going just for her flapjacks! Most importantly for me was the reassurance from Jack prior to the day regarding Covid awareness. My husband is classed as 'clinically highly vulnerable' and I was concerned but Jack's reassurance and what they had in place as requirements made me feel confident about the day.
I look forward to my next adventure with Exmoor Photography.
Ann P
The attached slide show only includes stags I have seen at public locations not private. Also, lots of Fieldfare and Redwing about.
Jack & Alison


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Saturday, 16 October 2021

Red Deer Rut Specials October 2021 Week 2:


Red Deer Rut Specials October 2021 Week 2:
Another excellent week finished with great customers. Everyone watched and photographed lovely stags well into their rut now, both on and off the private land we have access too. Lots of bolving shots captured. A big part of our day is all about ethical wildlife photography including a gentle briefing at the start of the day and continued advice throughout and of course I am always on hand to check those camera settings! Every single stag we stalked left where we found it, perfect. Some wonderful moments shared and we’re so looking forward to the rest of the season. 
Special thanks to everyone for completing the small additional steps to keep you and us as safe as possible, it’s really appreciated. 
Jack & Alison 
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Thursday, 2 September 2021

Exmoor Photography Course Now Open


Latest News:

We have now resumed our normal service, subject to some small additional steps to keep you and us as safe as possible. Please use the following link for more info and booking:


Brand new field guide booklets up to 42 pages plus supplements.

Saturday, 9 January 2021

Exmoor Photography and COVID-19 update


COVID-19 Latest Update 05 01 2021:
Regrettably our field based service is currently closed. However, we are planning to start taking new bookings in March 2021 (subject to the below).

We are planning to resume normal service in the spring (Easter 2021) albeit with some additional changes to our normal health and safety routine and of course subject to any subsequent government guidelines. For example we will no longer provide Alison’s lunch where it was applicable. Please see specific course pages for details. And you will be emailed our company COVID-19 policy when you re-book. There will also be a copy on the website


We will be monitoring the situation and will review once a month or if the Government release updated guidelines. Clearly we are still in a very fluid, serious situation at the moment. Of course we will post all relevant news and updates here.Thank you to all our customers, supporters and everyone who has agreed to reschedule courses to later this year. Your patience, kindness and understanding had been without equal and we are truly grateful.
Take care and stay safe
We would also like to thank our incredible NHS personnel and all other essential workers for their outstanding bravery and commitment to all of us.
Kind regards
Alison & Jack